Allergic to Fruits?

fujiapplelarge.jpgIt’s apple season in the northeast! Unfortunately not everyone can enjoy that delicious bite of a freshly picked apple. Some people get an itchy mouth and throat, swelling, rash around the mouth, or even develop a severe allergic reaction called anaphylaxis after eating certain fruits. But not all allergic reactions are the same, here are some conditions that can cause fruit reactions:

People who are allergic to latex rubber can also react to fruits such as bananas, avocado, water chestnuts, kiwi, nectarines, peaches, and cherries, which cross- react with latex protein.

Treatment consists of avoidance of the raw fruit and use of antihistamines, steroids, or epinephrine if a reaction occurs.

If you’re having second thoughts about that apple, here’s a really good recipe for pumpkin pie.

4 thoughts on “Allergic to Fruits?

  1. well….let’s see…as a child up to the age of 8,I could eat any Fruit. Now at 41 …I can not eat Peaches,Nectarines,Pears,Cherries,Plumbs. These are the worst…My Throat swells up like there is a Golf Ball stuck in there. All Citris are ok. Any Processed or canned Fruits are fine to. What can I do…I really miss my Fresh Fruits ? I s there a shot or pill I can take ? I have no problems with Nuts…sometime Almonds…Berries are ok. It seems that once the foods are cooked a chemical change makes everything ok.


  2. Do you also have spring tree allergies? The fact that you can eat processed/ canned and probably cooked fruits suggest that you probably have Oral Allergy Syndrome (you can find out more about this condition by clicking on the link in the post). The bad news is that there is no definitive cure for this except for avoidance of the raw fruit. Some of my tree allergy patients on allergen immunotherapy report improvement of their symptoms after completing their course of allergy shots (it also helped their allergies), but others did not note any improvement.


  3. I have exactly the same symptoms as William and it started only a few years ago during my early twenties. Cooking the fruits concerned also works for me and I also get an itchy mouth when eating certain nuts (mainly hazlenuts and almonds). I get a short burst of hayfever (quite severe) from mid-April to mid- May. It’s good to hear that there is a name for this type of allergy and that other people suffer the same systems too!


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